I wonder what phrase they’ll use to replace “Kalos born” when ORAS comes out. Pentagon? This took me two weeks to breed and it’s a piece of crap with the wrong IVs? I dunno

I’m deleting this in a bit but I’m just gonna say: I REALLY hate it when people ask about my age. It’s something that’s been a problem throughout a lot of my life and I don’t like when people ask about it. So I’m just gonna file this under my about later and move on (and hopefully it won’t happen again)

Anonymous was like: You seem very....horny? For lack of a better word. How old ARE you? 

Uh no if you knew why I say things the way I do then you wouldn’t need to ask this tbh…. Everything that I say that makes me seem “horny” is just my way of getting Matty's attention. Don't ask about my age on anon because it's annoying.